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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022The second coming of urban yellow fever in the Americas: looking the past to see the futureSalomón, Oscar Daniel ; Arias, Antonieta Rojas DE 
27-Sep-2021Genetic variation in the E6 and E7 genes of human papillomavirus type 16 in northeastern ArgentinaTotaro, M Elina ; Gili, Juan A ; Liotta, Domingo Javier ; Schurr, Theodore G ; Picconi, Maria A ; Badano, Inés 
Jun-2021Assessment of Environmental Hazards to Public Health in Temperate Urban ArgentinaVadell, María Victoria ; Salomone, Vanesa Natalia ; Castesana, Paula Soledad ; Morandeira, Natalia Soledad ; Rubio, Alejandra ; Cardo, María Victoria 
28-Aug-2021Ecology of fleas and their hosts in the trifinio of north-east Argentina: first detection of Rickettsia asembonensis in Ctenocephalides felis felis in ArgentinaUrdapilleta, M ; Pech-May, A ; Lamattina, D ; Burgos, E F ; Balcazar, D E ; Ferrari, W A O ; Lareschi, M ; Salomón, Oscar Daniel 
21-May-2021Pharmaceutical biotechnological potential of filamentous fungi isolated from textile industryBernal, Suzan Prado Fernandes ; Gritti, Micaela Andrea ; Dos Santos, Viviane Piccin ; Ottoni, Júlia Ronzella ; de Oliveira, Valéria Maia ; Peichoto, María Elisa ; Passarini, Michel Rodrigo Zambrano 
2015Parasitism by Tylenchid Nematodes in Natural Populations of Pintomyia fischeri (Diptera: Psychodidae: Phlebotominae) in ArgentinaFernández, María Soledad ; Santini, María Soledad ; Diaz, Julia I ; Villarquide, L ; Lestani, Eduardo ; Salomón, Oscar Daniel ; Achinelly, María Fernanda 
Sep-2019Phlebotominae in peri-domestic and forest environments inhabited by Alouatta caraya in northeastern ArgentinaMartinez, Mariela F. ; Santini, María Soledad ; Kowalewski, Martín M ; Salomón, Oscar Daniel 
Dec-2015Performance of light-emitting diode traps for collecting sand flies in entomological surveys in ArgentinaFernández, María Soledad ; Martínez, Mariela Florencia ; Pérez, Adriana Alicia ; Santini, María Soledad ; Gould, Ignacio Tomás ; Salomón, Oscar Daniel 
Jun-2017Evaluation of efficacy of impregnated curtains in experimental hen houses as a phlebotomine control tool in northeast ArgentinaManteca Acosta, Mariana ; Santini, María Soledad ; Pérez, A A ; Salomón, Oscar Daniel 
Oct-2017Environmental suitability for Lutzomyia longipalpis in a subtropical city with a recently established visceral leishmaniasis transmission cycle, ArgentinaBerrozpe, Pablo ; Lamattina, Daniela ; Santini, María Soledad ; Araujo, Analía Vanesa ; Utgés, Maria Eugenia ; Salomón, Oscar Daniel 
2011Distribución de Lutzomyia longipalpis en el Chaco Argentino, 2010Salomón, Oscar Daniel ; Rosa, Juan R. ; Fabiani, Mariela ; San Miguel, Silvia R ; Szelag, Enrique A. ; Nepote, Marcelo ; Parras, Matías A 
25-Aug-2020Lutzomyia longipalpis, Gone with the Wind and Other VariablesSalomón, Oscar Daniel 
17-Sep-2020First insights into the biochemical and toxicological characterization of venom from the Banded Cat-eyed Snake Leptodeira annulata pulchricepsSánchez, Matías N ; Gonzalez, Karen ; Sciani, Juliana M ; Gritti, Micaela Andrea ; Maruñak, Silvana L ; Tavares, Flávio L ; Teibler, Gladys P ; Peichoto, María Elisa 
May-2019Fleas associated with sigmodontine rodents and marsupials from the Paranaense Forest in Northeastern ArgentinaUrdapilleta, Mara ; Linardi, Pedro Marcos ; Lareschi, Marcela 
Nov-2012Leishmaniasis visceral: senderos que confluyen, se bifurcanSalomón, Oscar Daniel ; Mastrángelo, Andrea V. ; Santini, María Soledad ; Ruvinsky, Silvina ; Orduna, Tomás A. ; Sinagra, Angel ; Luna, María Concepción ; Riarte, Adelina ; Casas, Natalia ; Amiotti, Paola 
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 15 of 15