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Gonzalez, Karen Y
Gonzalez, Karen


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
117-Sep-2020First insights into the biochemical and toxicological characterization of venom from the Banded Cat-eyed Snake Leptodeira annulata pulchricepsSánchez, Matías N ; Gonzalez, Karen ; Sciani, Juliana M ; Gritti, Micaela Andrea ; Maruñak, Silvana L ; Tavares, Flávio L ; Teibler, Gladys P ; Peichoto, María Elisa 
2Jul-2022Unraveling the distinctive venomous features of the saturniid Hylesia sp.: An integrative approach of a public health concern in ArgentinaCasafús, Milena Gisela ; Gritti, Micaela Andrea ; Gonzalez, Karen Y ; Sánchez, Matías N ; Sciani, Juliana M ; Martínez, María Mercedes ; Teibler, Gladys P ; Peichoto, María Elisa