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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Aug-2020Comparison of DNA extraction methods and real-time PCR assays for the molecular diagnostics of chronic Chagas diseaseSilgado, Aroa ; Moure, Zaira ; de Oliveira, Maykon T ; Serre-Delcor, Núria ; Salvador, Fernando ; Oliveira, Inés ; Molina, Israel ; Pumarola, Tomàs ; Ramirez, Juan C. ; Sulleiro, Elena 
2020Use of tissue doppler imaging for the early detection of myocardial dysfunction in patients with the indeterminate form of Chagas diseaseCianciulli, Tomás Francisco ; Saccheri, María Cristina ; Papantoniou, Alonso ; Méndez, Ricardo José ; Gagliardi, Juan Alberto ; Prado, Nilda Graciela ; Riarte, Adelina Rosa ; Morita, Luis Alberto ; Clérici, Javier Eduardo ; Lax, Jorge Alberto 
2001Immunodiagnosis of fasciolosis using recombinant procathepsin L cystein proteinaseCarnevale, Silvana ; Rodriguez, Marcelo ; Guarnera, E A ; Carmona, C ; Tanos, Tamara ; Angel, Sergio O. 
May-2001Isosporosis and unizoite tissue cysts in patients with acquired immunodeficiency syndromeVelásquez, J N ; Carnevale, Silvana ; Mariano, M. L. ; Kuo, L H ; Caballero, A ; Chertcoff, A ; Ibáñez, C ; Bozzini, J P 
3-Dec-2001Early IFN-gamma production is related to the presence of interleukin (IL)-18 and the absence of IL-13 in experimental Trypanosoma cruzi infectionsAntúnez, M I ; Cardoni, R L 
May-2001alpha 4 Integrins and sialyl Lewis x modulation in chronic Chagas disease: further evidence of persistent immune activationLaucella, Susana A. ; Riarte, A ; Prado, Nilda Graciela ; Zapata, J ; Segura, E L 
12-Jun-2001Characterisation of a cyclophilin isoform in Trypanosoma cruziBua, J ; Aslund, L ; Pereyra, N ; Garcia, G. A. ; Bontempi, E J ; Ruiz, A M 
1-Mar-2001Analysis of the adjuvant effect of recombinant Leishmania infantum Hsp83 protein as a tool for vaccinationEcheverria, P ; Dran, G ; Pereda, G ; Rico, A I ; Requena, J M ; Alonso, C ; Guarnera, E ; Angel, Sergio O. 
May-2000Diagnosis of Enterocytozoon bieneusi by PCR in stool samples eluted from filter paper disksCarnevale, Silvana ; Velásquez, J N ; Labbé, J H ; Chertcoff, A ; Cabrera, M G ; Rodriguez, Marcelo 
29-Feb-2000Canine echinococcosis: an alternative for surveillance epidemiologyGuarnera, E A ; Santillan, Graciela ; Botinelli, R ; Franco, A 
Jun-2000Echinococcus granulosus: DNA extraction from germinal layers allows strain determination in fertile and nonfertile hydatid cystsKamenetzky, L ; Canova, S G ; Guarnera, E A ; Rosenzvit, M C 
1-Feb-2000IL-12 and IFN-gamma production, and NK cell activity, in acute and chronic experimental Trypanosoma cruzi infectionsAntúnez, M I ; Cardoni, R L 
15-Apr-2000Molecular cloning, sequencing and expression of a serine proteinase inhibitor gene from Toxoplasma gondiiPszenny, V ; Angel, Sergio O. ; Duschak, V. G. ; Paulino, M ; Ledesma, B ; Yabo, M I ; Guarnera, E ; Ruiz, A M ; Bontempi, E J 
Sep-2000Genetic diversity among isolates of Trichinella spiralis from the Province of Buenos Aires, ArgentinaSequeira, A ; Molina, V ; Monfellano, M ; Bolpe, J ; Guarnera, E 
Sep-1999Chagas' disease in patients with kidney transplants: 7 years of experience 1989-1996Riarte, A ; Luna, C ; Sabatiello, R ; Sinagra, A ; Schiavelli, R. ; De Rissio, A ; Maiolo, E. I. ; Garcìa, M M ; Jacob, N ; Pattin, M ; Lauricella, M A ; Segura, E L ; Vázquez, M 
Dec-1999Soluble platelet selectin (sP-selectin) and soluble vascular cell adhesion molecule-1 (sVCAM-1) decrease during therapy with benznidazole in children with indeterminate form of Chagas' diseaseLaucella, Susana A. ; Segura, E L ; Riarte, A ; Sosa E. M. de 
Apr-2007Characterization of a Trypanosoma cruzi acetyltransferase: cellular location, activity and structureOchaya, Stephen ; Respuela, Patricia ; Simonsson, Maria ; Saraswathi, Abhiman ; Branche, Carole ; Lee, Jennifer ; Bua, Jacqueline ; Nilsson, Daniel ; Åslund, Lena ; Bontempi, Esteban J ; Andersson, Björn 
Jan-2007Domestic dogs and cats as sources of Trypanosoma cruzi infection in rural northwestern ArgentinaGürtler, R E ; Cecere, M C ; Lauricella, M A ; Cardinal, M V ; Kitron, U ; Cohen, J E 
Jan-2007An insight on targets and patented drugs for chemotherapy of Chagas diseaseDuschak, Vilma G ; Couto, Alicia S 
Mar-2008Evaluation of immune responses raised against Tc13 antigens of Trypanosoma cruzi in the outcome of murine experimental infectionGarcia, G. A. ; Arnaiz, M R ; Esteva, M I ; Laucella, Susana A. ; Garavaglia, P A ; Ibarra, S E ; Ruiz, A M 
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 165