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Fernández, Marisa Liliana
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12018Chagas cardiomyopathy associated with serological cure after trypanocidal treatment during childhoodFernández, Marisa Liliana ; Hernández, Yolanda ; Scollo, Karenina ; Esteva, Monica I ; Riarte, Adelina ; Prado, Nilda Graciela 
2Mar-2016Pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic responses in adult patients with Chagas disease treated with a new formulation of benznidazoleFernández, Marisa Liliana ; Marson, Maria Elena ; Ramírez, Juan Carlos ; Mastrantonio, Guido ; Schijman, Alejandro Gabriel ; Altcheh, Jaime ; Riarte, Adelina ; Garcia-Bournissen, Facundo