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Perrone, Alina E.
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1ExperimentalParasitology,2010,126(2),239-244..pdf.jpg2010Trypanosoma cruzi: biological characterization of a isolate from an endemic area and its susceptibility to conventional drugsGrosso, Noelia L. ; Bua, Jacqueline ; Perrone, Alina E. ; Gonzalez, Mariela N. ; Bustos, Patricia L. ; Postan, Miriam ; Fichera, Laura E. 
2fmicb-10-01250.pdf.jpg2019Trypanosoma cruzi Infection at the Maternal-Fetal Interface: Implications of Parasite Load in the Congenital Transmission and Challenges in the Diagnosis of Infected NewbornsBustos, Patricia L. ; Milduberger, Natalia ; Volta, Bibiana J. ; Perrone, Alina E. ; Laucella, Susana A. ; Bua, Jacqueline 
3S451.full.pdf.jpg2018Some Limitations for Early Diagnosis of Congenital Chagas Infection by PCRVolta, Bibiana Julieta ; Perrone, Alina E. ; Rivero, Rocio ; Scollo, Karenina ; Bustos, Patricia L. ; Bua, Jacqueline 
4pone.0203462.pdf.jpg2018Phenotypic diversity and drug susceptibility of Trypanosoma cruzi TcV clinical isolatesQuebrada Palacio, Luz P ; Gonzalez, Mariela N. ; Hernandez-Vasquez, Yolanda ; Perrone, Alina E. ; Parodi-Talice, Adriana ; Bua, Jacqueline ; Postan, Miriam 
5Jul-2015Oxidative stress damage in the protozoan parasite Trypanosoma cruzi is inhibited by Cyclosporin ABustos, Patricia L. ; Perrone, Alina E. ; Milduberger, Natalia ; Postan, Miriam ; Bua, Jacqueline 
6cddis2017431a.pdf.jpg2017Mitochondrial permeability transition in protozoan parasites: what we learned from Trypanosoma cruziBustos, Patricia L. ; Perrone, Alina E. ; Milduberger, N A ; Bua, J 
7cddiscovery201692.pdf.jpg2017A homolog of cyclophilin D is expressed in Trypanosoma cruzi and is involved in the oxidative stress-damage responseBustos, Patricia L. ; Volta, Bibiana J. ; Perrone, Alina E. ; Milduberger, Natalia ; Bua, Jacqueline 
8biomolecules-08-00132.pdf.jpg2018A Functional Analysis of the Cyclophilin Repertoire in the Protozoan Parasite Trypanosoma CruziPerrone, Alina E. ; Milduberger, Natalia ; Fuchs, Alicia G ; Bustos, Patricia L. ; Bua, Jacqueline 
9Apr-2014Biological markers for evaluating therapeutic efficacy in Chagas disease, a systematic reviewPinazo, Maria-Jesús ; Thomas, M Carmen ; Bua, Jacqueline ; Perrone, Alina E. ; Schijman, Alejandro Gabriel ; Viotti, Rodolfo-Jorge ; Ramsey, Janine-M ; Ribeiro, Isabela ; Sosa-Estani, Sergio ; López, Manuel-Carlos ; Gascon, Joaquim