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Gonzalez, Mariela N.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12014Altered distribution of peripheral blood memory B cells in humans chronically infected with Trypanosoma cruziFernández, Esteban R ; Olivera, Gabriela C ; Quebrada Palacio, Luz P ; Gonzalez, Mariela N. ; Hernandez-Vasquez, Yolanda ; Sirena, Natalia María ; Morán, María L. ; Ledesma Patiño, Oscar S ; Postan, Miriam 
25-Sep-2018Phenotypic diversity and drug susceptibility of Trypanosoma cruzi TcV clinical isolatesQuebrada Palacio, Luz P ; Gonzalez, Mariela N. ; Hernandez-Vasquez, Yolanda ; Perrone, Alina E. ; Parodi-Talice, Adriana ; Bua, Jacqueline ; Postan, Miriam 
3Feb-2016Trypanosoma cruzi infection induces the expression of CD40 in murine cardiomyocytes favoring CD40 ligation-dependent production of cardiopathogenic IL-6Ayala, Mariela Alejandra Moreno ; Casasco, Agustina ; Gonzalez, Mariela N. ; Postan, Miriam ; Corral, Ricardo Santiago ; Petray, Patricia Beatriz 
42010Trypanosoma cruzi: biological characterization of a isolate from an endemic area and its susceptibility to conventional drugsGrosso, Noelia L. ; Bua, Jacqueline ; Perrone, Alina E. ; Gonzalez, Mariela N. ; Bustos, Patricia L. ; Postan, Miriam ; Fichera, Laura E.