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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-Sep-2011A decade of targets and patented drugs for chemotherapy of Chagas diseaseDuschak, Vilma G 
22011A striking common O-linked N-acetylglucosaminyl moiety between cruzipain and myosinAcosta, Diana M ; Soprano, Luciana L ; Ferrero, Maximiliano R ; Landoni, Malena ; Esteva, Monica I ; Couto, Alicia S ; Duschak, Vilma G 
3Oct-2012An anionic synthetic sugar containing 6-SO3 -NAcGlc mimics the sulfated cruzipain epitope that plays a central role in immune recognitionCouto, Alicia S ; Soprano, Luciana L ; Landoni, Malena ; Pourcelot, Marilyne ; Acosta, Diana M ; Bultel, Laurent ; Parente, Juliana E ; Ferrero, Maximiliano R ; Barbier, Maximilien ; Dussouy, Christophe ; Esteva, Monica I ; Kovensky, José ; Duschak, Vilma G 
4Apr-2016Characterization of a novel Kazal-type serine proteinase inhibitor of Arabidopsis thalianaPariani, Sebastián ; Contreras, Marisol ; Rossi, Franco R ; Sander, Valeria ; Corigliano, Mariana G ; Simón, Francisco ; Busi, María V ; Gomez-Casati, Diego F ; Pieckenstain, Fernando L ; Duschak, Vilma G ; Clemente, Marina 
52009Cruzipain, the major cysteine protease of Trypanosoma cruzi: a sulfated glycoprotein antigen as relevant candidate for vaccine development and drug target. A reviewDuschak, Vilma G ; Couto, Alicia S 
62018Effect of tamoxifen on the sphingolipid biosynthetic pathway in the different intraerythrocytic stages of the apicomplexa Plasmodium falciparumPiñero, Tamara A ; Landoni, Malena ; Duschak, Vilma G ; Katzin, Alejandro M ; Couto, Alicia S 
7Sep-2014Effects of chlorate on the sulfation process of Trypanosoma cruzi glycoconjugates. Implication of parasite sulfates in cellular invasionFerrero, Maximiliano R ; Soprano, Luciana L ; Acosta, Diana M ; García, Gabriela A ; Esteva, Monica I ; Couto, Alicia S ; Duschak, Vilma G 
8Jan-2007An insight on targets and patented drugs for chemotherapy of Chagas diseaseDuschak, Vilma G ; Couto, Alicia S 
9Feb-2016Involvement of sulfates from cruzipain, a major antigen of Trypanosoma cruzi, in the interaction with immunomodulatory molecule Siglec-EFerrero, Maximiliano R ; Heins, Anja M ; Soprano, Luciana L ; Acosta, Diana M ; Esteva, Monica I ; Jacobs, Thomas ; Duschak, Vilma G 
1022-Jul-2019Major Kinds of Drug Targets in Chagas Disease or American TrypanosomiasisDuschak, Vilma G 
1115-Apr-2000Molecular cloning, sequencing and expression of a serine proteinase inhibitor gene from Toxoplasma gondiiPszenny, Viviana ; Angel, Sergio O. ; Duschak, Vilma G ; Paulino, M ; Ledesma, Bibiana A ; Yabo, M I ; Guarnera, Eduardo ; Ruiz, Andrés M ; Bontempi, Esteban 
12Mar-2006Novel cysteine proteinase in Trypanosoma cruzi metacyclogenesisDuschak, Vilma G ; Barboza, M ; Garcia, G. A. ; Lammel, Estela M. ; Couto, Alicia S ; Isola, E L D 
13Jul-2007Plasmodium falciparum biosynthesizes sulfoglycosphingolipidsLandoni, Malena ; Duschak, Vilma G ; Peres, Valnice J ; Nonami, Hiroshi ; Erra-Balsells, Rosa ; Katzin, Alejandro M ; Couto, Alicia S 
14Nov-2012Structural and immunological characterization of sulphatides: relevance of sulphate moieties in Trypanosoma cruzi glycoconjugatesAcosta, Diana M ; Soprano, Luciana L ; Ferrero, Maximiliano R ; Esteva, Monica I ; Riarte, Adelina ; Couto, Alicia S ; Duschak, Vilma G 
15May-2002Subcellular localization and post-secretory targeting of TgPI, a serine proteinase inhibitor from Toxoplasma gondiiPszenny, Viviana ; Ledesma, Bibiana A ; Matrajt, Mariana ; Duschak, Vilma G ; Bontempi, Esteban ; Dubremetz, Jean-François ; Angel, Sergio O. 
1627-Aug-2019Tamoxifen acts on Trypanosoma cruzi sphingolipid pathway triggering an apoptotic death processLandoni, Malena ; Piñero, Tamara ; Soprano, Luciana L ; Garcia-Bournissen, Facundo ; Fichera, Laura E. ; Esteva, Monica I ; Duschak, Vilma G ; Couto, Alicia S 
172016Targets and Patented Drugs for Chemotherapy of Chagas Disease in the Last 15 Years-PeriodDuschak, Vilma G 
18Apr-2018Trypanosoma cruzi serinecarboxipeptidase is a sulfated glycoprotein and a minor antigen in human Chagas disease infectionSoprano, Luciana L ; Parente, Juliana E ; Landoni, Malena ; Couto, Alicia S ; Duschak, Vilma G 
19Jul-2008UV-MALDI mass spectrometry analysis of NBD-glycosphingolipids without an external matrixLandoni, Malena ; Duschak, Vilma G ; Erra-Balsells, Rosa ; Couto, Alicia S