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Couto, Alicia S
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Oct-2012An anionic synthetic sugar containing 6-SO3 -NAcGlc mimics the sulfated cruzipain epitope that plays a central role in immune recognitionCouto, Alicia S ; Soprano, Luciana L ; Landoni, Malena ; Pourcelot, Marilyne ; Acosta, Diana M ; Bultel, Laurent ; Parente, Juliana E ; Ferrero, Maximiliano R ; Barbier, Maximilien ; Dussouy, Christophe ; Esteva, Monica I ; Kovensky, José ; Duschak, Vilma G 
22009Cruzipain, the major cysteine protease of Trypanosoma cruzi: a sulfated glycoprotein antigen as relevant candidate for vaccine development and drug target. A reviewDuschak, Vilma G ; Couto, Alicia S 
32018Effect of tamoxifen on the sphingolipid biosynthetic pathway in the different intraerythrocytic stages of the apicomplexa Plasmodium falciparumPiñero, Tamara A ; Landoni, Malena ; Duschak, Vilma G ; Katzin, Alejandro M ; Couto, Alicia S 
4Sep-2014Effects of chlorate on the sulfation process of Trypanosoma cruzi glycoconjugates. Implication of parasite sulfates in cellular invasionFerrero, Maximiliano R ; Soprano, Luciana L ; Acosta, Diana M ; García, Gabriela A ; Esteva, Monica I ; Couto, Alicia S ; Duschak, Vilma G 
5Jan-2007An insight on targets and patented drugs for chemotherapy of Chagas diseaseDuschak, Vilma G ; Couto, Alicia S 
627-Aug-2019Tamoxifen acts on Trypanosoma cruzi sphingolipid pathway triggering an apoptotic death processLandoni, Malena ; Piñero, Tamara ; Soprano, Luciana L ; Garcia-Bournissen, Facundo ; Fichera, Laura ; Esteva, Monica I ; Duschak, Vilma G ; Couto, Alicia S 
7Apr-2018Trypanosoma cruzi serinecarboxipeptidase is a sulfated glycoprotein and a minor antigen in human Chagas disease infectionSoprano, Luciana L ; Parente, Juliana E ; Landoni, Malena ; Couto, Alicia S ; Duschak, Vilma G