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Alvarez, María Gabriela
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1MicrobesandinfectionInstitutPasteur,2010,12(5),359-363..pdf.jpg2010Trypanosoma cruzi-specific immune responses in subjects from endemic areas of Chagas disease of ArgentinaOlivera, Gabriela Carina ; Albareda, María Cecilia ; Alvarez, María Gabriela ; De Rissio, Ana María ; Fichera, Laura E. ; Cooley, Gretchen ; Yachelini, Pedro ; Hrellac, Hugo A. ; Riboldi, Hilda ; Laucella, Susana A. ; Tarleton, Rick ; Postan, Miriam 
2InternationalImmunology,2006,18(3),465-471..pdf.jpg2006Trypanosoma cruzi modulates the profile of memory CD8+ T cells in chronic Chagas' disease patientsAlbareda, María Cecilia ; Laucella, Susana A. ; Alvarez, María Gabriela ; Armenti, Alejandro ; Bertochi, Graciela ; Tarleton, Rick ; Postan, Miriam 
3zac833.pdf.jpgFeb-2016New Scheme of Intermittent Benznidazole Administration in Patients Chronically Infected with Trypanosoma cruzi: a Pilot Short-Term Follow-Up Study with Adult PatientsAlvarez, María Gabriela ; Hernández, Yolanda ; Bertocchi, Graciela ; Fernández, Marisa ; Lococo, Bruno ; Ramírez, Juan Carlos ; Cura, Carolina ; Albizu, Constanza Lopez ; Schijman, Alejandro ; Abril, Marcelo ; Sosa-Estani, Sergio ; Viotti, Rodolfo 
42019Impaired frequencies and function of platelets and tissue remodeling in chronic Chagas diseasePengue, Claudia ; Cesar, Gonzalo ; Alvarez, María Gabriela ; Bertocchi, Graciela ; Lococo, Bruno ; Viotti, Rodolfo ; Natale, María Ailén ; Castro Eiro, Melisa D ; Cambiazzo, Silvia S ; Perroni, Nancy ; Nuñez, Myriam ; Albareda, María Cecilia ; Laucella, Susana A. 
5PLoSNeglectedTropicalDiseases,2011,5(9)..pdf.jpg2011Impact of aetiological treatment on conventional and multiplex serology in chronic Chagas diseaseViotti, Rodolfo ; Vigliano, Carlos ; Alvarez, María Gabriela ; Lococo, Bruno ; Petti, Marcos ; Bertochi, Graciela ; Armenti, Alejandro ; De Rissio, Ana María ; Cooley, Gretchen ; Tarleton, Rick ; Laucella, Susana A. 
6pntd.0006887.pdf.jpg2018Distinct monocyte subset phenotypes in patients with different clinical forms of chronic Chagas disease and seronegative dilated cardiomyopathyPérez-Mazliah, Damián E ; Castro Eiro, Melisa D ; Alvarez, María Gabriela ; Lococo, Bruno ; Bertocchi, Graciela ; Cesar, Gonzalo ; Natale, María A ; Albareda, María C ; Viotti, Rodolfo ; Laucella, Susana A. 
7nihms184858.pdf.jpg15-Sep-2009Chronic human infection with Trypanosoma cruzi drives CD4+ T cells to immune senescenceAlbareda, María Cecilia ; Olivera, Gabriela Carina ; Laucella, Susana A. ; Alvarez, María Gabriela ; Fernandez, Esteban Rodrigo ; Lococo, Bruno ; Viotti, Rodolfo ; Tarleton, Rick L ; Postan, Miriam