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Title: Characterisation of a novel interspersed Toxoplasma gondii DNA repeat with potential uses for PCR diagnosis and PCR-RFLP analysis
Authors: Echeverria, Pablo C. 
Rojas, Paola A. 
Martin, Valentina 
Guarnera, Eduardo 
Pszenny, Viviana 
Angel, Sergio O. 
Issue Date: 2000
Description: A novel Toxoplasma gondii interspersed repeat element (TgIRE), present in most of the tachyzoite chromosomes, was characterised. Two regions on the TgIRE sequence showed high identity to two different T. gondii expressed sequence tag cDNAs of unknown function, which seems to be TgIRE pseudogenes. Two set of primers were designed, 2-2P and 2-3, that amplify products of 1.02 and 0.62 kb, respectively. T. gondii DNA from RH and Me49 strains was amplified with TgIRE 2-2P primers, and the respective 1.02 kb products were digested with several endonucleases. Different fragment patterns by gel electrophoresis were found only with MboI. Sensitivity analysis revealed that the set 2-3 was more sensitive than 2-2P, detecting by gel visualisation the amount of DNA equivalent to 1 and 10 parasites, respectively.
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