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Martín, Valentina
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12000Characterisation of a novel interspersed Toxoplasma gondii DNA repeat with potential uses for PCR diagnosis and PCR-RFLP analysisEcheverria, Pablo C. ; Rojas, Paola A. ; Martin, Valentina ; Guarnera, Eduardo ; Pszenny, Viviana ; Angel, Sergio O. 
21998Detection of human Toxoplasma-specific immunoglobulins A, M, and G with a recombinant Toxoplasma gondii rop2 proteinMartin, Valentina ; Arcavi, Miriam ; Santillan, Graciela ; Amendoeira, María Regina R. ; De Souza Neves, Elizabeth ; Griemberg, Gloria ; Guarnera, Eduardo ; Garberi, Juan C. ; Angel, Sergio O. 
3Dec-2003Evaluation of Toxoplasma gondii recombinant proteins for the diagnosis of recently acquired toxoplasmosis by an immunoglobulin G analysisNigro, Monica ; Gutierrez, Ariana ; Hoffer, Alicia M ; Clemente, Marina ; Kaufer, Federico ; Carral, Liliana ; Martín, Valentina ; Guarnera, Eduardo ; Angel, Sergio O. 
4Jul-2001High level of expression of the Toxoplasma gondii-recombinant Rop2 protein in Escherichia coli as a soluble form for optimal use in diagnosisNigro, Mónica G ; Martín, Valentina ; Kaufer, Federico ; Carral, Liliana ; Angel, Sergio O. ; Pszenny, Viviana 
5Oct-2006Kinetic analysis of the humoral immune response against 3 Toxoplasma gondii-recombinant proteins in infants with suspected congenital toxoplasmosisAltcheh, Jaime ; Diaz, N ; Pepe, Carolina M ; Martín, Valentina ; Nigro, Monica ; Freilij, Héctor ; Angel, Sergio O. 
62004Recombinant GRA4 or ROP2 protein combined with alum or the gra4 gene provides partial protection in chronic murine models of toxoplasmosisMartin, Valentina ; Supanitsky, Alicia ; Echeverria, Pablo C. ; Litwin, Silvana ; Tanos, Tamara ; de Roodt, Adolfo R. ; Guarnera, Eduardo ; Angel, Sergio O. 
715-Sep-2008Toxoplasma gondii protease inhibitor-1 (TgPI-1) is a novel vaccine candidate against toxoplasmosisCuppari, Anahi Fernandez ; Sanchez, Vanesa ; Ledesma, Bibiana A ; Frank, Fernanda M. ; Goldman, Alejandra ; Angel, Sergio O. ; Martín, Valentina