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Echeverria, Pablo C.
Echeverria, Pablo


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-Mar-2001Analysis of the adjuvant effect of recombinant Leishmania infantum Hsp83 protein as a tool for vaccinationEcheverria, Pablo C. ; Dran, G ; Pereda, G ; Rico, A I ; Requena, J M ; Alonso, C ; Guarnera, Eduardo ; Angel, Sergio O. 
22000Characterisation of a novel interspersed Toxoplasma gondii DNA repeat with potential uses for PCR diagnosis and PCR-RFLP analysisEcheverria, Pablo C. ; Rojas, Paola A. ; Martin, Valentina ; Guarnera, Eduardo ; Pszenny, Viviana ; Angel, Sergio O. 
32004Recombinant GRA4 or ROP2 protein combined with alum or the gra4 gene provides partial protection in chronic murine models of toxoplasmosisMartin, Valentina ; Supanitsky, Alicia ; Echeverria, Pablo C. ; Litwin, Silvana ; Tanos, Tamara ; de Roodt, Adolfo R. ; Guarnera, Eduardo ; Angel, Sergio O.