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Jacob, Néstor R.
Jacob, N R
Jacob, N


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12010Application of variable number of tandem repeats typing to describe familial outbreaks of brucellosis in ArgentinaLucero, Nidia E. ; Tenenbaum, Marina ; Jacob, Néstor R. ; Escobar, Gabriela I. ; Groussaud, Pauline ; Whatmore, Adrian M. 
2Jun-2010Brucella canis causing infection in an HIV-infected patientLucero, Nidia E. ; Maldonado, Patricia I. ; Kaufman, Sara ; Escobar, Gabriela I. ; Boeri, Eduardo ; Jacob, Néstor R. 
3Apr-2008Brucella isolated in humans and animals in Latin America from 1968 to 2006Lucero, Nidia E. ; Ayala, Sandra M. ; Escobar, Gabriela I. ; Jacob, Néstor R. 
42008Brucellosis complicating chronic non-infectious disorders : diagnostic and therapeutic dilemmasJacob, Néstor R. ; Rodríguez, Claudia G. ; Binaghi, María A. ; Scapellato, Pablo G. ; Rosales Ostriz, María B. ; Ayala, Sandra M. ; Lucero, Nidia E. 
5Sep-1999Chagas' disease in patients with kidney transplants: 7 years of experience 1989-1996Riarte, Adelina ; Luna, María Concepción ; Sabatiello, R ; Sinagra, Angel ; Schiavelli, R. ; De Rissio, Ana María ; Maiolo, E. I. ; García, Miriam Martin ; Jacob, Néstor R. ; Pattin, M ; Lauricella, Marta A. ; Segura, Elsa L. ; Vázquez, Miryam 
62005Diagnosis of human brucellosis caused by Brucella canisLucero, Nidia E. ; Escobar, Gabriela I. ; Ayala, Sandra M. ; Jacob, Néstor R. 
72004Estudio de sensibilidad antiviral de Virus Herpes simplex en pacientes trasplantadosIllán, H. ; Jacob, Néstor R. ; Maiolo, E. I. ; Cisterna, Daniel ; Schiavelli, R. ; Freire, María Cecilia 
8May-2005Unusual clinical presentation of brucellosis caused by Brucella canisLucero, Nidia E. ; Jacob, Néstor R. ; Ayala, Sandra M. ; Escobar, Gabriela I. ; Tuccillo, Patricia ; Jacques, Isabelle