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Lauricella, Marta A.
Lauricella, Marta Alicia
Lauricella, M A


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12016An rK28-Based Immunoenzymatic Assay for the Diagnosis of Canine Visceral Leishmaniasis in Latin AmericaLauricella, Marta A. ; Maidana, Cristina Graciela ; Frias, Victoria Fragueiro ; Romagosa, Carlo M ; Negri, Vanesa ; Benedetti, Ruben ; Sinagra, Angel ; Luna, María Concepción ; Tartaglino, Lilian ; Laucella, Susana A. ; Reed, Steven G ; Riarte, Adelina 
2Sep-1999Chagas' disease in patients with kidney transplants: 7 years of experience 1989-1996Riarte, Adelina ; Luna, María Concepción ; Sabatiello, R ; Sinagra, Angel ; Schiavelli, R. ; De Rissio, Ana María ; Maiolo, E. I. ; García, Miriam Martin ; Jacob, Néstor R. ; Pattin, M ; Lauricella, Marta A. ; Segura, Elsa L. ; Vázquez, Miryam 
3Oct-2012Direct molecular identification of Trypanosoma cruzi discrete typing units in domestic and peridomestic Triatoma infestans and Triatoma sordida from the Argentine ChacoMaffey, L ; Cardinal, Marta Victoria ; Ordóñez-Krasnowski, P C ; Lanati, L A ; Lauricella, Marta A. ; Schijman, A G ; Gürtler, Ricardo E. 
4Jan-2007Domestic dogs and cats as sources of Trypanosoma cruzi infection in rural northwestern ArgentinaGürtler, Ricardo E. ; Cecere, M C ; Lauricella, Marta A. ; Cardinal, Marta Victoria ; Kitron, U ; Cohen, J E 
5Dec-2014Geographic variation of Trypanosoma cruzi discrete typing units from Triatoma infestans at different spatial scalesFernández, María Del Pilar ; Cecere, María Carla ; Lanati, Leonardo Alejandro ; Lauricella, Marta A. ; Schijman, Alejandro Gabriel ; Gürtler, Ricardo E. ; Cardinal, Marta Victoria 
6Nov-2008Molecular epidemiology of domestic and sylvatic Trypanosoma cruzi infection in rural northwestern ArgentinaCardinal, Marta Victoria ; Lauricella, Marta A. ; Ceballos, L. A. ; Lanati, Leonardo ; Marcet, Paula L. ; Levin, Mariano J. ; Kitron, Uriel ; Guertler, Ricardo E. ; Schijman, Alejandro G.