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Belizán, José M.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
129-Sep-2015Text message interventions for follow up of infants born to mothers positive for Chagas disease in Tucumán, Argentina: a feasibility studyCormick, Gabriela ; Ciganda, Alvaro ; Cafferata, Maria Luisa ; Ripple, Michael J ; Sosa-Estani, Sergio ; Buekens, Pierre ; Belizán, José M. ; Althabe, Fernando 
2Nov-2005The need of a neonatal preparation for Chagas diseaseSosa-Estani, Sergio ; Belizán, José M. ; Althabe, Fernando ; Rubinstein, Aldofo 
3Nov-2008Use of a rapid test on umbilical cord blood to screen for Trypanosoma cruzi infection in pregnant women in Argentina, Bolivia, Honduras, and MexicoSosa-Estani, Sergio ; Gamboa-León, Miriam ; Del Cid-Lemus, Jaime ; Althabe, Fernando ; Alger, Jackeline ; Almendares, Olivia ; Cafferata, Maria Luisa ; Chippaux, Jean-Philippe ; Dumonteil, Eric ; Gibbons, Luz ; Padilla-Raygoza, Nicolás ; Schneider, Dominique ; Belizán, José M. ; Buekens, Pierre ; Perinatal Chagas Disease Working Group