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Tijet, Nathalie
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12019Characterization of a multidrug resistant Citrobacter amalonaticus clinical isolate harboring blaNDM-1 and mcr-1.5 genesFaccone, Diego ; Albornoz, Ezequiel ; Tijet, Nathalie ; Biondi, Estefania ; Gomez, Sonia A. ; Pasteran, Fernando ; Vázquez, Miryam ; Melano, Roberto ; Corso, Alejandra 
2Mar-2019Characterization of Escherichia coli Carrying mcr-1-Plasmids Recovered From Food Animals From ArgentinaDominguez, Johana E ; Faccone, Diego ; Tijet, Nathalie ; Gomez, Sonia A. ; Corso, Alejandra ; Fernández-Miyakawa, Mariano E ; Melano, Roberto 
32011Clonal dissemination of Klebsiella pneumoniae ST258 harbouring KPC-2 in ArgentinaGomez, Sonia A. ; Pasteran, Fernando ; Faccone, Diego ; Tijet, Nathalie ; Rapoport, Melina J. ; Lucero, Celeste ; Lastovetska, O. ; Albornoz, Ezequiel ; Galas, Marcelo F. ; Melano, Roberto ; Corso, Alejandra ; Petroni, Alejandro 
49-Aug-2019Isolation of five Enterobacteriaceae species harbouring blaNDM-1 and mcr-1 plasmids from a single paediatric patientMartino, Florencia ; Tijet, Nathalie ; Melano, Roberto ; Petroni, Alejandro ; Heinz, E ; De Belder, Denise ; Faccone, Diego ; Rapoport, Melina J. ; Biondi, Estefania ; Rodrigo, Veronica ; Vázquez, Miryam ; Pasteran, Fernando ; Thomson, Nicholas R ; Corso, Alejandra ; Gomez, Sonia A. 
5Oct-2017Novel class 1 Integrons and sequence types in VIM-2 and VIM-11-producing clinical strains of Enterobacter cloacaeDe Belder, Denise ; Faccone, Diego ; Tijet, Nathalie ; Melano, Roberto G ; Rapoport, Melina J. ; Petroni, Alejandro ; Lucero, María Celeste ; Pasteran, Fernando ; Corso, Alejandra ; Gomez, Sonia A. 
624-Apr-2017qnrE1, a Member of a New Family of Plasmid-Located Quinolone Resistance Genes, Originated from the Chromosome of Enterobacter SpeciesAlbornoz, Ezequiel ; Tijet, Nathalie ; De Belder, Denise ; Gomez, Sonia A. ; Martino, Florencia ; Corso, Alejandra ; Melano, Roberto ; Petroni, Alejandro 
7Feb-2011rmtD2, a new allele of a 16S rRNA methylase gene, has been present in Enterobacteriaceae isolates from Argentina for more than a decadeTijet, Nathalie ; Andres, Patricia ; Chung, Catherine ; Lucero, Celeste ; Red de Vigilancia de la Resistencia a los Antimicrobianos. WHONET- Argentina ; Low, Donald E. ; Galas, Marcelo F. ; Corso, Alejandra ; Petroni, Alejandro ; Melano, Roberto 
8Dec-2015Simplified Protocol for Carba NP Test for Enhanced Detection of Carbapenemase Producers Directly from Bacterial CulturesPasteran, Fernando ; Tijet, Nathalie ; Melano, Roberto ; Corso, Alejandra