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Title: Clonal dissemination of Klebsiella pneumoniae ST258 harbouring KPC-2 in Argentina
Authors: Gomez, Sonia A. 
Pasteran, Fernando 
Faccone, Diego 
Tijet, Nathalie 
Rapoport, Melina J. 
Lucero, Celeste 
Lastovetska, O. 
Albornoz, Ezequiel 
Galas, Marcelo F. 
Melano, Roberto 
Corso, Alejandra 
Petroni, Alejandro 
Issue Date: 2011
Description: The present work describes the abrupt emergence of Klebsiella pneumoniae carbapenemase (KPC) and characterizes the first 79 KPC-producing enterobacteria from Argentina (isolated from 2006 to 2010). The emergence of bla(KPC-2) was characterized by two patterns of dispersion: the first was the sporadic occurrence in diverse enterobacteria from distant geographical regions, harbouring plasmids of different incompatibility groups and bla(KPC-2) in an unusual genetic environment flanked by ISKpn8-Δbla(TEM-1) and ISKpn6-like. bla(KPC-2) was associated with IncL/M transferable plasmids; the second was the abrupt clonal spread of K. pneumoniae ST258 harbouring bla(KPC-2) in Tn4401a.
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