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Title: Gene discovery in Triatoma infestans
Authors: Avila, Maria L. 
Tekiel, Valeria 
Moretti, Georgina 
Nicosia, Soledad 
Bua, Jacqueline 
Lammel, Estela M. 
Stroppa, Maria M. 
Gerez de Burgos, Nelia M. 
Sanchez, Daniel O. 
Issue Date: 2011
Background: Triatoma infestans is the most relevant vector of Chagas disease in the southern cone of South America. Since its genome has not yet been studied, sequencing of Expressed Sequence Tags ( ESTs) is one of the most powerful tools for efficiently identifying large numbers of expressed genes in this insect vector. Results: In this work, we generated 826 ESTs, resulting in an increase of 47% in the number of ESTs available for T. infestans. These ESTs were assembled in 471 unique sequences, 151 of which represent 136 new genes for the Reduviidae family. Conclusions: Among the putative new genes for the Reduviidae family, we identified and described an interesting subset of genes involved in development and reproduction, which constitute potential targets for insecticide development.
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