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Title: A new variant of Brucella melitensis
Authors: Lucero, Nidia E. 
Ayala, Sandra M. 
Escobar, Gabriela I. 
Grayon, M. 
Jacques, Isabelle 
Issue Date: 2006
Description: Brucella melitensis is highly pathogenic and constitutes a serious risk to public health. In Argentina, biovar 1 has been isolated from infected animals, but the Rev.1 strain vaccine is not authorised for use. This report describes nine atypical B. melitensis isolates obtained from humans. These isolates grew slowly, produced small colonies and were susceptible to penicillin and dyes, similar to the B. melitensis Rev.1 vaccine strain, but were inhibited by streptomycin 2.5 mg/L. The isolation of such atypical B. melitensis variants has never been reported from animals in Argentina, and could indicate the emergence of a new mutant variant.
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