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Title: Molecular and biologic characterization of Leishmania parasites implicated in an epidemic outbreak in northwestern Argentina
Authors: Segura, Elsa L. 
Juan, Néstor 
Piquin, A. 
Cuba Cuba, César A. 
Abramo Orrego, Liliana 
McMahon-Pratt, Diane 
Montamat, Enrique E. 
Momen, Hooman 
Grimaldi, Gabriel 
Issue Date: 2000
Description: Leishmania (Viannia) braziliensis and its variants were implicated in the epidemic outbreak of mucocutaneous leishmaniasis that occurred in Salta, northwestern Argentina, in 1985. A total of 24 suspect- ed, untreated cases were evaluated clinically and para- sitologically. Four of ®ve stable isolates were consistent with the reference strain of L. (V.) braziliensis as determined by monoclonal antibodies and indirect immuno¯uorescence or radioimmunobinding assays. Zymodeme analysis in agarose gels showed a close relationship with L. (V.) guyanensis and L. (V.) pan- amensis. All zymograms obtained with polyacrylamide gels belonged to the subgenus Viannia; the patterns were di erent from, but very closely related to, the reference strains of L. (V.) braziliensis as determined by dendro- gram analysis. Hamsters infected with two isolates showed a pattern consistent with L. (V.) braziliensis. The pattern of development in the gut of Lutzomyia longipalpis was consistent with members of Viannia.
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