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Title: Providing management options to control corn mouse (Calomys musculinus) reservoir populations using a cohort structured model
Authors: Piacenza, M. F. 
Gomez, M. D. 
Simone, I. 
Lamfri, Mario 
Scavuzzo, C. M. 
Calderón, Gladys 
Polop, J. J. 
Issue Date: 2011
Description: We evaluate several management options for Calomys musculinus populations through the formulation and validation of a cohort structured model. Initially, a basic model was constructed and validated using field population data. Next, the model was altered to allow us to evaluate different management options. In general, basic model results were in agreement with field data, demonstrating that this model would be useful in describing aspects of corn mouse population dynamics. Restricting control measures to when mouse numbers reach high levels would be inadequate, because population numbers tend to increase in size after some years. In contrast, reducing vegetation cover in spring was more effective in reducing field population abundances. Despite some limitations, the model could be useful for evaluating the relationships between population dynamics and some biotic or physical environmental variables, and thus ensure more efficient use of resources in integrated pest management.
Rights: openAccess
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