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Scavuzzo, C. M.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
14-Jul-2011Providing management options to control corn mouse (Calomys musculinus) reservoir populations using a cohort structured modelPiacenza, M. F. ; Gomez, M. D. ; Simone, I. ; Lamfri, Mario ; Scavuzzo, C. M. ; Calderón, Gladys ; Polop, Jaime J 
226-Feb-2005The use of satellite data in modeling population dynamics and prevalence of infection in the rodent reservoir of Junin virusPorcasi, X ; Calderón, Gladys ; Lamfri, Mario ; Gardenal, Cristina N ; Polop, Jaime J ; Sabattini, Marta S. ; Scavuzzo, C. M.