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Title: Genetic diversity among isolates of Trichinella spiralis from the Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina
Authors: Sequeira, A 
Molina, V 
Monfellano, M 
Bolpe, J 
Guarnera, E 
Issue Date: Sep-2000
Journal: Journal of helminthology 
Random Amplified Polymorphic DNAs, (RAPDs) are used to study the occurrence of Trichinella britovi and T5 among domestic animals in the Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina and to assess the genetic diversity among isolates of T. spiralisfrom this area in a number of infected hosts. All the local isolates proved to be T. spiralis. Six of the eight primers used indicate that the Buenos Aires isolates are distinct from each other as they produce a considerable number of polymorphic bands. Our overall estimates are relatively higher than other intraspecific distances previously estimated within species of this genus and among T. spiralis isolates. Such high degrees of variability observed among local isolates and between isolates from Buenos Aires and Spain should be taken into account when defining isolates within this species, and considering differences in the epidemiology of T. spiralis.
ISSN: 0022-149X
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