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Berdasco, Clara
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1Dec-2018Anti-inflammatory agents reduce microglial response, demyelinating process and neuronal toxin uptake in a model of encephalopathy produced by Shiga Toxin 2Pinto, Alipio ; Berdasco, Clara ; Arenas-Mosquera, David ; Cangelosi, Adriana ; Geoghegan, Patricia A. ; Nuñez, Myriam C ; Goldstein, Jorge 
27-Feb-2019Shiga toxin 2 from enterohemorrhagic Escherichia coli induces reactive glial cells and neurovascular disarrangements including edema and lipid peroxidation in the murine brain hippocampusBerdasco, Clara ; Pinto, Alipio ; Calabró, Valeria ; Arenas, David ; Cangelosi, Adriana ; Geoghegan, Patricia A. ; Evelson, Pablo ; Goldstein, Jorge