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Glass, G. E.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12007A survey of zoonotic pathogens carried by Norway rats in Baltimore, Maryland, USAEasterbrook, J. D. ; Kaplan, J. B. ; Vanasco, Bibiana N. ; Reeves, W. K. ; Purcell, R. H. ; Kosoy, M. Y. ; Glass, G. E. ; Watson, J. ; Klein, S. L. 
2Nov-1997Structure and floristics of habitats associated with five rodent species in an agroecosystem in Central ArgentinaEllis, Barbara A. ; Mills, James N. ; Childs, J. E. ; Muzzini, M. C. ; McKee Jr, Kelly T. ; Enria, Delia ; Glass, G. E.