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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Jan-1994Antiviral treatment of Argentine hemorrhagic feverEnria, Delia ; Maiztegui, Julio I. 
2May-1999Clinical case definitions for Argentine hemorrhagic feverHarrison, Lee H ; Halsey, Neal A. ; McKee Jr, Kelly T. ; Peters, Clarence J. ; Barrera Oro, Julio G. ; Briggiler, Ana M. ; Feuillade, María Rosa ; Maiztegui, Julio I. 
3Feb-1998Protective efficacy of a live attenuated vaccine against Argentine hemorrhagic fever. AHF Study GroupMaiztegui, Julio I. ; McKee Jr, Kelly T. ; Barrera Oro, Julio G. ; Harrison, Lee H ; Gibbs, P H ; Feuillade, María Rosa ; Enria, Delia ; Briggiler, Ana M. ; Levis, Silvana ; Ambrosio, Ana María ; Halsey, Neal A. ; Peters, Clarence J.