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Lottersberger, Javier
Lottersberger, J
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Sep-2008Clinical characteristics and risk factors of human leptospirosis in Argentina (1999-2005)Vanasco, Bibiana N. ; Schmeling, María Fernanda ; Lottersberger, Javier ; Costa, F ; Ko, A I ; Tarabla, H D 
21-Oct-2001Development and validation of an ELISA for the detection of leptospire-specific antibodies in rodentsVanasco, Bibiana N. ; Lottersberger, Javier ; Sequeira, M D ; Tarabla, H 
3Apr-2016Diagnostic accuracy of an IgM enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay and comparison with 2 polymerase chain reactions for early diagnosis of human leptospirosisVanasco, Bibiana N. ; Jacob, Paulina ; Landolt, Noelia ; Chiani, Yosena ; Schmeling, María Fernanda ; Cudos, C ; Tarabla, H ; Lottersberger, Javier 
42007Diagnóstico de leptospirosis : evaluación de un enzimoinmunoensayo en fase sólida en diferentes etapas de la enfermedadVanasco, Bibiana N. ; Lottersberger, Javier ; Schmeling, María Fernanda ; Gardner, Ian A. ; Tarabla, Héctor D. 
5Jan-2013Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay to diagnose human leptospirosis: a meta-analysis of the published literatureSignorini, M L ; Lottersberger, Javier ; Tarabla, H D ; Vanasco, Bibiana N. 
6Nov-2009Epitope mapping of pathogenic Leptospira LipL32Lottersberger, Javier ; Guerrero, Sergio A ; Tonarelli, Georgina G ; Frank, Ronald ; Tarabla, Héctor D. ; Vanasco, Bibiana N.