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Terragno, R.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12010Automated use of WHONET and SaTScan to detect outbreaks of Shigella spp. using antimicrobial resistance phenotypesStelling, J. ; Yih, WK. ; Galas, Marcelo F. ; Kulldorff, M. ; Pichel, Mariana ; Terragno, R. ; Tuduri, Ezequiel ; Espetxe, S ; Binsztein, Norma ; O’Brien, TF. ; Platt, R. 
231-Dec-2009Characterization and subtyping of Cronobacter spp. from imported powdered infant formulae in ArgentinaTerragno, R. ; Salve, Angela ; Pichel, Mariana ; Epszteyn, Sergio ; Brengi, Silvina P. ; Binsztein, Norma 
3Apr-2011Isolation of Salmonella Spp. from Yacare Caiman (caiman Yacare) and Broad-Snouted Caiman (caiman Latirostris) from the Argentine ChacoUhart, Marcela M. ; Ferreyra, Hebe ; Mattiello, Rosana ; Caffer, María Inés ; Terragno, R. ; Schettino, Adriana ; Prado, Walter 
4May-2007Short report: analysis of clonal relationship among Shigella sonnei isolates circulating in ArgentinaPichel, Mariana ; González Fraga, Soledad ; Terragno, R. ; Mulki, Jorgelina ; Gentile, Angela ; Kremer, C ; Mola, A M ; Noseda, R ; Binsztein, N. 
5Jun-2005Transporte de especímenes para diagnósticoTerragno, R.