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JournalofVirology,2002,76(13),6669-6677.pdf.jpg2002Cross-Protection against Challenge with Puumala Virus after Immunization with Nucleocapsid Proteins from Different Hantavirusesde Carvalho Nicacio, Cristina ; Gonzalez Della Valle, Marcelo ; Padula, Paula ; Björling, Ewa ; Plyusnin, Alexander ; Lundkvist, Åke 
Intervirology2006;49,173–184.pdf.jpg2006Serological assays for the detection of human Andes hantavirus infections based on its yeast-expressed nucleocapsid proteinSchmidt, J. ; Meisel, H. ; Capria, S. G. ; Petraityte, R. ; Lundkvist, Åke ; Hjelle, Brian ; Vial, P. A. ; Padula, Paula ; Kruger, D. H. ; Ulrich, Rainer G.