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Title: Visceral leishmaniasis in border areas : clustered distribution of phlebotomine sand flies in Clorinda, Argentina
Authors: Salomón, Oscar Daniel 
Quintana, María Gabriela 
Bruno, Mario Romero 
Quiriconi, Ricardo V. 
Cabral, Viviana 
Keywords: Leishmaniasis Visceral;Argentina;Clorinda
Issue Date: 2009
Description: Three years after the first report of Lutzomyia longipalpisin Clorinda, Argentina, a border city near Asunción, Paraguay, the city was surveyed again. Lu. longipalpiswas found clustered in the same neighbourhoods in 2007 as in 2004, even though the scattered distribution of canine visceral leishmaniasis was more related to the traffic of dogs through the border.
Fil: Salomón, Oscar Daniel. ANLIS Dr.C.G.Malbrán. Centro Nacional de Diagnóstico e Investigación en Endemo-Epidemias; Argentina.
Fil: Quintana, María Gabriela. Universidad Nacional de Tucumán; Argentina.
Fil: Bruno, Mario Romero. Ministerio de Desarollo Humano, Formosa; Argentina.
Fil: Quiriconi, Ricardo V. Ministerio de Desarollo Humano, Formosa; Argentina.
Fil: Cabral, Viviana. Ministerio de Desarollo Humano, Formosa; Argentina.
ISSN: 0074-0276
Rights: info:eu-repo/semantics/openAccess
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