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Title: Bacteriemia por Enterococcus gallinarum con alto nivel de resistencia a glicopéptidos: primer caso documentado en Argentina
Other Titles: Bacteremia caused by Enterococcus gallinarum with a high level of glycopeptide resistance: 1st documented cases in Argentina
Authors: Togneri, Ana María 
Lopardo, Horacio 
Corso, Alejandra 
Keywords: Enterococcus;Proteínas Bacterianas;Infecciones por Bacterias Grampositivas;Complicaciones Posoperatorias;Bacteriemia
Issue Date: 2003
Journal: Revista Argentina de Microbiología 
A case of bacteremia due to high-level-vancomycin- (MIC = 64 micrograms/ml) and high-level-teicoplanin- (MIC = 32 micrograms/ml) resistant Enterococcus gallinarum is described. Both genes, van C1 and van A, respectively conferring natural low-level resistance and acquired high-level resistance to vancomycin, were found in the enterococcal genoma. The present is the first report of an E. gallinarum isolate showing the van A genotype in Argentina.
Fil: Togneri, Ana María. Hospital Interzonal General de Agudos Evita; Argentina.

Fil: Lopardo, Horacio A. Hospital de Pediatría Dr. Juan P. Garrahan. Servicio de Microbiología; Argentina.

Fil: Corso, Alejandra. ANLIS Dr.C.G.Malbrán. Instituto Nacional de Enfermedades Infecciosas. Departamento de Bacteriología; Argentina.
ISSN: 0325-7541
Rights: Closed Access
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