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Title: Bactericidal and hemolytic activities of synthetic peptides derived from granulysin
Authors: Siano, A 
Tonarelli, G. 
Imaz, María Susana 
Perín, J C 
Ruggeri, N 
López, Marcela 
Santi, M N 
Zerbini, Elsa V. 
Issue Date: Apr-2010
Journal: Protein and peptide letters 
Granulysin is a human polypeptide produced by cytolytic cells active against a broad range of microbes. Three peptides covering the regions 25-50 (Gr-1 and Gr-2) and 39-62 (Gr-3) of granulysin were synthesized, and their in vitro activity against Mycobacterium tuberculosis was evaluated. The most active peptide was Gr-1C, containing a disulphide bridge, with Minimal Inhibitory Concentration value of 10.1 microM. In concentrations of up to 50 microM, Gr-1 and Gr2 didn't exceed 30% of hemolysis.
DOI: 10.2174/092986610790963555
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