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Title: Temporal Patterns of Influenza A and B in Tropical and Temperate Countries: What Are the Lessons for Influenza Vaccination?
Authors: Caini, Saverio 
Andrade, Winston 
Badur, Selim 
Balmaseda, Angel 
Barakat, Amal 
Bella, Antonino 
Bimohuen, Abderrahman 
Brammer, Lynnette 
Bresee, Joseph 
Bruno, Alfredo 
Castillo, Leticia 
Ciblak, Meral A 
Clara, Alexey W 
Cohen, Cheryl 
Cutter, Jeffery 
Daouda, Coulibaly 
de Lozano, Celina 
de Mora, Doménica 
Dorji, Kunzang 
Emukule, Gideon O 
Fasce, Rodrigo A 
Feng, Luzhao 
Ferreira de Almeida, Walquiria Aparecida 
Guiomar, Raquel 
Heraud, Jean-Michel 
Holubka, Olha 
Huang, Q Sue 
Kadjo, Hervé A 
Kiyanbekova, Lyazzat 
Kosasih, Herman 
Kusznierz, Gabriela F. 
Lara, Jenny 
Li, Ming 
Lopez, Liza 
Mai Hoang, Phuong Vu 
Pessanha Henriques, Cláudio Maierovitch 
Matute, Maria Luisa 
Mironenko, Alla 
Moreno, Brechla 
Mott, Joshua A 
Njouom, Richard 
Nurhayati, null 
Ospanova, Akerke 
Owen, Rhonda 
Pebody, Richard 
Pennington, Kate 
Puzelli, Simona 
Quynh Le, Mai Thi 
Razanajatovo, Norosoa Harline 
Rodrigues, Ana Paula 
Rudi, Juan Manuel 
Tzer Pin Lin, Raymond 
Venter, Marietjie 
Vernet, Marie-Astrid 
Wangchuk, Sonam 
Yang, Juan 
Yu, Hongjie 
Zambon, Maria 
Schellevis, François 
Paget, John 
Issue Date: 2016
Journal: PloS one 
Determining the optimal time to vaccinate is important for influenza vaccination programmes. Here, we assessed the temporal characteristics of influenza epidemics in the Northern and Southern hemispheres and in the tropics, and discuss their implications for vaccination programmes.
DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0152310
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