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Title: Detection and molecular characterization of Chlamydia psittaci and Chlamydia abortus in psittacine pet birds in Buenos Aires province, Argentina
Authors: Origlia, Javier A 
Cadario, Maria E 
Frutos, María C 
Lopez, Norberto F 
Corva, Santiago 
Unzaga, Maria F 
Piscopo, Miguel V 
Cuffini, Cecilia 
Petruccelli, Miguel A 
Keywords: Psitácidos;Chlamydia;Chlamydophila psittaci;Reacción en Cadena de la Polimerasa
Issue Date: 2019
Journal: Revista Argentina de microbiologia 
In order to determine the presence and genetic diversity of Chlamydia spp. in the north-eastern area of Buenos Aires province, Argentina, conjunctival, oropharyngeal, cloacal swab and tissues were collected from a total of 90 psittacine pet birds of different age and clinical manifestations. Through molecular methods, Chlamydiaceae was detected in 30% (27/90) of the samples, out of which 70.3% (19/27) were positive for Chlamydia psittaci and 14.9% (4/27) for Chlamydia abortus. Nine C. psittaci positive samples were genotyped by ompA gene sequences, 8 clustered within genotype A and 1 within genotype B. A significant association was observed between the presence of Chlamydia spp. and the manifestation of clinical signs compatible with chlamydiosis, as well as with the age of the birds (younger than one year old). This report contributes to the improvement of our understanding of chlamydial agents in our country.
ISSN: 0325-7541
DOI: 10.1016/j.ram.2018.04.003
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