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Soler Bistué, Alfonso J. C.
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1AntimicrobialAgentsandChemotherapy,2006,50(5),1903–1907..pdf.jpg2006Vibrio cholerae InV117, a class 1 integron harboring aac(6')-Ib and blaCTX-M-2, is linked to transposition genesSoler Bistué, Alfonso J. C. ; Martín, Fernando A. ; Petroni, Alejandro ; Faccone, Diego ; Galas, Marcelo F. ; Tolmasky, Marcelo E. ; Zorreguieta, Angeles 
2AntimicrobialAgentsandChemotherapy,2007,51(12),4466–4470..pdf.jpg2007Complex Class 1 Integrons with Diverse Variable Regions, Including aac(6′)-Ib-cr, and a Novel Allele, qnrB10, Associated with ISCR1 in Clinical Enterobacterial Isolates from ArgentinaQuiroga, María Paula ; Andres, Patricia ; Petroni, Alejandro ; Soler Bistué, Alfonso J. C. ; Guerriero, Leonor ; Vargas, Liliana Jordá ; Zorreguieta, Angeles ; Tokumoto, Marta ; Quiroga, Cecilia ; Tolmasky, Marcelo E. ; Galas, Marcelo F. ; Centrón, Daniela