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Tironi-Farinati, Carla


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Jan-2013A translational murine model of sub-lethal intoxication with shiga toxin 2 reveals novel ultrastructural findings in the brain striatumTironi-Farinati, Carla ; Geoghegan, Patricia A. ; Cangelosi, Adriana ; Pinto, Alipio ; Loidl, C. Fabian ; Goldstein, Jorge 
22013Dexamethasone rescues neurovascular unit integrity from cell damage caused by systemic administration of shiga toxin 2 and lipopolysaccharide in mice motor cortexPinto, Alipio ; Jacobsen, Mariana ; Geoghegan, Patricia A. ; Cangelosi, Adriana ; Cejudo, María Laura ; Tironi-Farinati, Carla ; Goldstein, Jorge 
310-Feb-2016Sub-Lethal Dose of Shiga Toxin 2 from Enterohemorrhagic Escherichia coli Affects Balance and Cerebellar CytoarchitectureD'Alessio, Luciana ; Pinto, Alipio ; Cangelosi, Adriana ; Geoghegan, Patricia A. ; Tironi-Farinati, Carla ; Brener, Gabriela J ; Goldstein, Jorge