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Lewis_vaccinasmallpox1937_1970.pdf.jpg2005Characterization of a vaccinia virus strain used to produce smallpox vaccine in Argentina between 1937 and 1970Lewis, Adrian P. ; Bok, Karin ; Perez, O. ; DeFillippo, J. ; Paolazzi, C. ; Gomez, Jorge A. 
JournalofClinicalMicrobiology,2001,39(11),4020–4025..pdf.jpg2001Emergence of G9 P[6] human rotaviruses in Argentina: phylogenetic relationships among G9 strainsBok, Karin ; Palacios, Gustavo ; Sijvarger, Karina ; Matson, David O. ; Gomez, Jorge A. 
JournalofGeneralVirology,2004,85(6),1713-1716.pdf.jpg2004Evidence of rotavirus intragenic recombination between two sublineages of the same genotypeParra, Gabriel I. ; Bok, Karin ; Martínez, Magali ; Gomez, Jorge A. 
JournalofClinicalMicrobiology,2002,40(6),2016–2022..pdf.jpg2002Genetic variation of capsid protein VP7 in genotype g4 human rotavirus strains: simultaneous emergence and spread of different lineages in ArgentinaBok, Karin ; Matson, David O. ; Gomez, Jorge A.