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Segura, E L
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1cei0118-0423.pdf.jpgDec-1999Soluble platelet selectin (sP-selectin) and soluble vascular cell adhesion molecule-1 (sVCAM-1) decrease during therapy with benznidazole in children with indeterminate form of Chagas' diseaseLaucella, Susana A. ; Segura, E L ; Riarte, A ; Sosa E. M. de 
2Mar-2009Mitochondrial 16S DNA variation in populations of Triatoma infestans from ArgentinaSegura, E L ; Torres, A G ; Fusco, O ; Garcia, B. A. 
3Sep-1999Chagas' disease in patients with kidney transplants: 7 years of experience 1989-1996Riarte, A ; Luna, C ; Sabatiello, R ; Sinagra, A ; Schiavelli, R. ; De Rissio, A ; Maiolo, E. I. ; Garcìa, M M ; Jacob, N ; Pattin, M ; Lauricella, M A ; Segura, E L ; Vázquez, M 
4j.1365-3083.2001.00916.x.pdf.jpgMay-2001alpha 4 Integrins and sialyl Lewis x modulation in chronic Chagas disease: further evidence of persistent immune activationLaucella, Susana A. ; Riarte, A ; Prado, Nilda Graciela ; Zapata, J ; Segura, E L